The Plan

Here is our newly updated plan…


We will be getting 4 ferries on our trip!

1. Portsmouth to Le Havre

2. Venice to Igoumenitsa

3. Mersin (or apparently now some other smaller coastal town!) to Port Said

4. Aswan to Wadi Halfa

On a last minute spur of the moment, we have decided to set sail from Venice instead of Bari… well why not!? Neither of us have been to Venice before so a little bit of romance to start the trip can’t hurt. We’ll spend a few days in Istanbul as we’ve heard exciting tales of underground reservoirs and stunning mosques there… So we hope to be entering Egypt in the first week of February! Watch this space!

Aside from fretting about Egyptian border crossings, the other worrisome area is Northern Kenya near the Somali border where there has been a lot of banditry recently… We will be entering Kenya in convoy (with the undoubtedly friendly overlanders we will meet at a camp in Ethiopia) as far west as possible; there is a route along Lake Turkana which is rumoured to be remote but beautiful. Due to the nature of this fairly rural border crossing we might then have to head for Nairobi to get our Carnet stamped, but if not, straight for gorillas in Uganda!

We have yet to decide how we will finish the trip. I’ve highlighted our two options on the map in pink and orange… We’re torn between the Skeleton coast of Namibia and the pristine untouched beaches of Mozambique. Thankfully we don’t have to decide for a few months…


3 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. bass86

    Hello hello! How’re you getting on? Where are you? We’re in Uganda for the next few weeks, maybe you’ll catch us up!?

    • In Addis, leaving tomorrow for Shashemene then Arba Minch… will unlikely be in Uganda for another fortnight at the very least… We’ve been going fairly slow! If you’re still there that would be grand. xx

  2. HI Guys , hope you are having a great time ,
    if you need any help when you are Zambia , drop me a line , Have fun ,

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