For Land Rover lovers amongst you… welcome to our home for 6 months, otherwise known as ‘Ambi’, ‘The Beast’ or just, ‘Poj.’

She’s a 1991 Land Rover Defender 127 3500cc V8 and was once a military ambulance, spending the majority of her early years sitting idly by in a small military airfield. Thanks to her previous owners Ollie & Ellie her horizons have been somewhat broadened! She retains many original features from her working days but sadly the blues and twos have been decommissioned!

Ollie & Ellie had her honourably discharged from the military in 2006 whereupon they spent a substantial amount of time and love on her in preparation for their grand trip across Europe and then onward through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. Ambi was their home for more than a year and took them all the way down to Sri Lanka where she was given a much needed makeover. Her front seats were reupholstered in cream leather, the mattress was re-covered and she had an LPG duel-fuel conversion courtesy of Gas Auto Lanka. She then performed admirably as their wedding carriage before moving to live with us.

Ollie tinkering

We have done a number of shorter trips around Europe and the UK over the last year but the furthest she’s been with us is Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Ambi belongs in Africa, we’re just taking her home – she’s perfectly designed for it (though at 2500kgs perhaps a little heavy!) and is already craftily converted for comfortable, cosy living, thanks mostly to Papa Ollie & Mama Ellie.

Ambi has a sofa/bed which stretches almost the full length of the cabin (Harry can actually lie out straight!), 2 gas hobs and a grill, a sink with a filtered drinking water tap, plenty of storage space including a sturdy roof rack, and many other delightful features that serve more aesthetic purposes (e.g. the Jingle Jangles on the front and the devotional reversing chant, the norm in India!-)

She has been undergoing preparations to basically be the best vehicle ever (that includes Transformers!) Most significantly, she has huge new headlights, a new music system with Hyena deterrent speakers and numerous USB charging ports front and back. More importantly we’ve been busy plugging leaks and attacking rust! Harry has just bought MaxTrax sand ladders, a set of new General Grabber AT2 tyres (including 2 spares) and next on the list is a snorkel. We’re even going to give her steering guards, diff pans and a fresh lick of paint!

Sumava National Park, Czech Rep.


2 thoughts on “Ambi…

  1. tillyv

    Love to know where “Poj” came from. That was my granny’s nickname for her childhood friend and fellow actor Noel Coward – and it remained so into their old ages..! A good omen in my book!!

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