We have overcome the first hurdle in getting Ambi’s passport sorted – the all important ‘Carnet de Passage’ – Essential documentation for getting a vehicle into certain countries. Harry found Jessica and Paul at the RAC, whose headquarters happen to be in Bristol, very helpful and supportive throughout the process.

Next we will be sorting out necessary visas (some of which we can get en route), International driving licenses, insurance, ferry bookings (although some advise ‘just turning up’ in Mersin, Turkey), getting all the important maps and guide books, buying a decent camera… and lots of other boring paperwork.

Harry is uber prepared for the bulk of the driving and has garnished his not-extensive motor expertise with a City of Bristol College Mechanics 1 course, dizzying heights of proficiency!.. I am prepared to drive the huge heavy beast on open flat land where there is little possibility of me getting it stuck!

As Harry will be main man in terms of all things motor… I have been put in charge of the long list of smaller things, such as… mosquito nets, storage containers, water purification, medical supplies, music playlists, and designing a logo for small trip cards that we can hand out.

Top of my list at the moment is vaccinations – Hurrah, we will be pin cushions! The Bradt ‘Overland Africa’ guidebook suggests jabs for 14 different diseases… I’m visiting the Doc this week so I’ll let you know how that goes! I’m also considering doing a ‘Wilderness Medical Training’ short course, which should prepare us for (almost) any unpleasant eventuality when we’re out in the sticks, and supply us with some hardcore antibiotics to take with us.

I have to give some credit to, by far the most useful website and forum, with current info from other travellers out there preparing the way for us! The National Geographic ‘African Adventure Atlas’ has also been great for brewing excitement.



5 thoughts on “Planning!

  1. Matt Knibb

    I’d thoroughly recommend the WMT courses. I did the four day advanced medicine for remote foreign travel course which was fantastic. The course covered learning how to suture, give injections, put drips in, learn all about using prescription medicines, treating various medical complaints and trauma cases. We also did a full vehicle extraction with spinal immobilisation of someone out of a landy in the car park. Pretty much covered everything that you could possibly be able to do out of a backpack full of gear in the field. Not a cheap course, but I’d highly recommend it.

  2. Phoebe and Francesca

    How are you doing? Or are you waiting for the snow to stop!

    • Hi Girls!
      We managed to escape the snow and are now in France where the sun is shining! We’re heading through the mountains towards Venice in Italy. If you look above at the menu then click on ‘Track Us’ you can see exactly where we are on the map! Technology is amazing! Have you had more days off school playing in the snow!?
      Love you lots,
      Anneka xx

      • Phoebe and Francesca

        Dear Anneka
        THis is Francesca… Are you by the seaside? It looks like it on the map. Is it hot or cold? And have you had lots of ice creams and pizza and pasta? I wish I could be with you,
        lots of love, Francesca x

      • Hi Cesca! We have had lots of pizza, too cold for ice creams! The sun has been shining all day but it’s still freezing! Venice is a city built on canals, so there is water everywhere and men in stripy jumpers who take you on long thin boats called gondolas… But no beaches unfortunately. Wish you could be here too, may be your Mum and Dad will bring you one day, you would love it 🙂 Anneka xx

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